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There is a kind of control you need to manage out of the charts and graphs. Usually it is a skill of professional traders. You need to make some type of plan, about how much capital you are willing to invest, how much capital you can afford to lose, how many trades will you open, how much capital you will fund your trades with, for how long you will keep the trades open and more.

Every trader needs to have an answer for these questions before starting to trade. Financial market is constantly changing, and you need to be grounded with a good plan, which does not allow you to go after the waves. Success happens where market opportunities meet your preparation. Make a good plan, and leave some spaces for change each time you see to upgrade your expectations and goals. Traders tend to control everything in the market. Remember! You can not control the market, you only can control yourself. Establish a strict self-discipline and self-control.

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There are plenty of reasons why traders should start without losing time, because every day comes with new opportunities. Trading online brings the chance of financial independence closer to you. With a wide, full package of support you will have a thriving trading experience. Cutting-edge trading platform, advanced charting system, latest news and financial events around the world.

When to enter and when to exit – Only you, based on your analysis and market observations, can decide when to enter the market and when to close your trades.
Risk management – You can adjust your trading portfolio, your positions size, the limits of stop loss and take profits in order to manage the risk level you can afford.
Your state of mind – You can control this part by knowing the financial market, how it works, by having a plan, by sticking with your plan, by adjusting it when it seems necessary, by creating a winning traders mindset.
Business / Trading Plan – You decide what to trade, depending on your favorite asset, and by which market you know better. So, make sure you know as much as possible about the assets you trade.

Flexible Trading Accounts – You can deposit to your trading account in many currencies, EUR, USD, GBP. You can also have multiple trading accounts in different currencies at the same time.
Guidance and Analytics – Each of our clients is guided by an account manager and later on by the financial advisor. Their help and market analysis will help you make better-informed trading decisions.
Customer Support – Tvision provides customer support via email and phone call. Our customer service agents assist our clients in any kind of technical and non technical matters. Find the details in the contact us section.
Security and Software – We offer the most sophisticated and advanced trading platform, Webtrader. Based on the state-of-the-art security techniques, Webtrader ensures the shortest execution time. We offer SSL, a banking level security standard.

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Together with strategies, you need to definitely know trading analysis. Technical analysis which has to do with charts analysis, discovering past patterns in the historical prices. Fundamental analysis which has to do with news and financial events which have a direct impact on the asset’s prices. The third analysis is the sentiment one. It has to do with the mood of trades to take risks.

Trading platform and charts – The first tool is a trading platform and a full package of interactive charts. Webtrader is the best provider at this point. This is a critical tool, because if you are not looking at the right charts, you are not making proper decisions.

A solid laptop/ computer – A long battery life, good processing capabilities, portable ability are three crucial conditions your computer needs to have. Be sure, it is portable, you will need to trade on the move. Markets don’t wait.

Trading journal and spreadsheet – Always track your performance, so you will know what assets are doing good, which are not and if your plan and strategy need any adjustment. By tracking your trading activity, you will not repeat the same mistakes twice.

Risk Capital – Your capital is a tool, and do not let anyone tell you it is not. You need to understand yourself when it is too risky to go for an investment, and when there are very good chances to go for the trade. Learn to manage the risk which could be applied to your capital by the decisions you made.

Strategies tool box – Learn about trading strategies, their pros and cons, as deep as you can. Know yourself and adapt the strategy which suits your future goals and your ability to manage your emotions.

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